Spinning Svilosa

SVILOSA produces raw white bright, optical white, dope-dyed and dull viscose rayon filament yarn. It is made of natural raw materials, e.g. wood made pulp. 
The produced viscose rayon filament yarn has qualities that make it difficult to distinguish it from the natural fibers. This makes it preferred by many manufacturers who use it alone or in combination with other fibers. Rayon has properties to be highly absorbent, soft and comfortable, with good drapability. The excellent characteristics of the rayon make it preferred in a wide range of applications both in the weaving and knitwear industry.

The company policy concerning this product is export orientated mainly towards the European market, which market share is more than 70% and where Svilosa has proved its quality and service. 
In order to meet the increased marketing and environmental requirements of quality, the viscose rayon produced is certified according to OKO-TEX Standard 100 and ISO 9001, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

The produced viscose yarn is offered under the registered trade mark SVILOTEX® in the following main assortments.
Our colored yarn can be produced in different colors , as per the colored shade card and also as per customer request in all assortments from Dtex 56 to Dtex 1000.
Most of the colors have in stock available for immediate delivery. Main stock availabilities are in Dtex 167 and 330.