Spinning & dyeing Yambol

Is the flagship factory of E.Miroglio EAD group with its 75000 sqmt plant is among the biggest textile structures in Europe of the latest generation.  Here we find wool spinning system with 16.660 spindles that with an average of metric count of 28 is able to spin 5 million kilograms of yarn per year. The twisting structure can prepare 6 millions of yarn per year.


Cotton spinning is 17.280 spindles big and can produce 3,5 millions of yarn with an average English count of 30.


The final part of this humongous plant is one of the most modern dyeing houses worldwide with a fully automatized color kitchen that can manage to prepare 35000 kilograms per day. Yambol plant is also the place of our yarn warehouse with 2 different stores semi automatized that stock yarns that are later shipped all over the world.